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We believe in creating that lasting allure of a well-crafted environment that is reflective of our client’s journey. Our team of event and floral designers approach life’s most anticipated celebrations with creativity, knowledge, experience, and enthusiasm, resulting in spectacularly unique occasions.

Within our team you will find a group of event and floral designers who bring forth their knowledge and creativity to execute the grandest of galas and smallest of dinner parties. We are constantly immersing ourselves in the creative world of fine arts, fashion, and pop culture to bring forth new inspirations that can be translated into your original event or occasion.

Colby is a painter at heart and has simultaneously immersed his love of two dimensional arts and florals, creating a distinctiveness that is reflected in all his endeavors. Whether hosting a dinner party, planning a wedding, or chairing a Gala, Colby West Design can help you create an exceptional occasion. We constantly strive to use our talents and experience to create a more beautiful and memorable tomorrow.



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Colby West

-Creative Director-

Colby truly believes everyone has a personal aesthetic formed from the environments and people surrounding their life. His own design roots grew from the seeds of his mother: a gardener, a painter, a floral designer, a homemaker. Colby discovered the crossroad between fine art and flowers while simultaneously working on his BFA in studio art and designing for an event design firm. He translated the techniques he learned with the pencil and brush into the shapes and flow of his floral designs. Colby combines his passion for the avante-garde with Nature's inspiration to create a design that is exceptionally unique to each client.